Image © EPMA / Andrew McLeish

Image © EPMA / Andrew McLeish
  1. A copy of the thesis in its original language
  2. A letter of agreement from the supervisor of the thesis
  3. A copy of the Diploma awarded by the applicant’s teaching establishment
  4. An extended abstract of the thesis, in English, up to a maximum of 7 pages for the Diploma/Masters and up to a maximum of 10 pages for the Doctorate/PhD categories, to include:
    •    Title, affiliation, supervisor, category (Diploma or Doctorate)
    •    Introduction including objectives and a brief state of the art
    •    Results and discussion including industrial and scientific interest
    •    Conclusions
    •    Relevant diagrams, illustrations, photographs
    •    References

These documents should be pdf files (maximum 10Mb file size). They can be included via the submission form, or emailed after completing the submission form to Sabine Hazoumé at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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